Amateur Rockumentary Channels on Youtube


Being stuck at home for the better part of the past two years has had me exploring all kinds of strange corners of Youtube. Usually I don't touch amateur Youtube channels with a 10-ft pole, because it's all subscribe this and Discord that and Patreon subscriptions and giveaways and a bunch of inane silliness I can do without.

Lately however, as I began the planning for GLIDER magazine, I became curious to see if there were any hobbyist channels out there started by enthusiasts like myself. There were! Here are some I found:

  • Punk Rock MBA
  • Trash Theory
  • Stained Glass Stories - A new addition, this channel appears to have been started in 2022, and has uploaded several shoegaze oriented videos. I enjoyed watching this one: Top 10 Shoegaze Albums
  • 20/20 Sound -- A channel that rarely posts, but usually uploads quality mini-docs about '80s/'90s UK indie bands.
  • Todd in the Shadows -- A channel with a twist! Todd is a pianist/keyboardist who usually kicks off videos by playing a piano version of the song he's about to deconstruct. The pacing and writing is good; Todd does his research well and his videos usually have several funny insights. A few episodes I enjoyed watching: '90s Eurodance one-hit wonder "Haddaway - What is Love", Billy Idol's 'Shock to the System' as a metaphor for his failed Cyberpunk rebrand, and Van Halen's first post-Sammy Hagar album, the ill-fated "III" -- Middle 8 -- Video editing on this is extremely slick, but the topics are meh and the author sounds like he is basically running a channel to rack up views. Not for purists