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Convert Markdown notes into a visual knowledgebase that works offline and without any dependencies. Read more in the blog post.

Garage Rock Revival: Periodic Table of "The" bands

Featuring a gaggle of guitar bands from the early '00s that mostly took themselves too seriously. Each item is clickable and includes a mini-overview of each group and a song sample. Layout is in the form of an interactive periodic table that can be filtered and sorted.

Arsenal FC Dashboard 2013 - 2018

A dashboard visualizing the final 5 years of Arsene Wenger's long stint as manager of the best team in England! Built using Google Data Studio with a GSheets backend.

arsenal 2013-2018 dashboard
GLIDER Guitar Gear and Effects Database

A micro-app made using the no-code platform Glide. This is a companion app to GLIDER magazine, and provides information about the guitar, fuzzboxes and amplifiers used by various bands in the shoegaze scene.

Mini-Guide to Shoegaze

Mobile-only. A lookbook app focused on interaction design, this is a field guide to shoegaze music, where the user can check out the key albums in the genre, and set up a basic effects chain interactively. Built using Tumult Hype and custom JavaScript.