Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - S/T (2001)

Alternative Rock


Released mere months before The Strokes unleashed the floodgates of soporific all-dude indie rock revivalists upon the unsuspecting public, BRMC was an excellent debut of smouldering, psychedelic fuzz rock and atmospheric slow-burning ballads.

The majestic, fiery washes of drone on “Awake” are reminiscent of Ride tracks like “Leave them All Behind”, while the tremendous bass work on “Rifles” and “White Palms” feels like a tip of the hat to Ride's much-underrated drummer Steve Queralt.

Noel Gallagher’s repeated attempts to sign the band to his label shouldn’t scare you off. BRMC’s influences lean more towards Ride, The Dandy Warhols and the narco-ethereality of Spacemen 3 rather than the raspy lad-rock of Oasis.