The Kills - Now Wow (2005) Review

Garage Rock



Although the band play it safe on their followup effort, those enamoured of the sheet metal racket of their debut debut will find plenty to enjoy here. The two lead singles “No Wow” and “Love is a Deserter” feature the distinctive growl of Hince’s overdriven guitar. “Rodeo Town” is the requisite outlaw ballad, while the muffled grind of the riff for “Murdermile” gives it the high-octane, yet claustrophobic feel the band are so good at generating.

While future albums would see The Kills moving way from straightforward garage rock to explore more experimental pastures, their first two are pretty similar in style and serve as an effective capsule of a sound and image that sat alongisde BRMC and the Raveonettes, whose music also dripped with detached, noirish cool.