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Recently, I came across an article on the Raptitude blog:

I've been researching note-taking systems and productivity stuff in general in an attempt to be a bit more alert and intentional about my goals. Going online remains a major distraction and time sink, even as it becomes harder to waste time online.

I've had a Kobo Mini since 2013. Its been my longest lasting electronic device, alongside a Logitech wireless KB/mouse.

Image of Excel sheet w sold electronics

Syncing is a bit of a image comparing phone to kobo sync setup, compared to cassette futurism image.

motorola phone hotspot 80s
Downloading email to your PDA for offline reading, 1994
usb otg cable syncs phone with kobo mini
Syncing EPUB files to my Kobo Mini via USB OTG cable, 2022

Of course, since then, I have gotten a Boox Note Air tablet, even though it's not used all that frequently. Here's how it looks next to that:

Feels like syncing PDAs back in the day. Nice to have a single-purpose, truly distraction free device. Kobo is pocketable, you genuinely forget about it

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